Welcome to my website! So glad you're here! For now, only one of my books is available in English, but hopefully there will be more to come.

Alexander has been admiring Michaela in secret since the day he first saw her. One week before graduation he finally gathers the guts to ask her out, but what none of them expect is that their date will end in a way they never could have imagined. Three years later, against all odds, they meet again. But by then everything has changed and in the end there's only One who can turn things around.


Drops of Rain is a love story, for sure, but also a powerful story about forgiveness and redemption.


What readers say:

“I love Hanna's books. Everyone should read them!”

“Hanna Christenson is my favorite writer and I'm always looking forward to her next book!”

“Drops of Rain kept me up all night and I cried when I read it.”

About me


I live in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden, with my husband and our two daughters. I just love a good inspirational story with a message that moves your heart, the kind you can't put down. So that's what I'm going for when I write!


When I dont' write or translate books I like to read (of course), go for a walk in the forest, hang out with family and friends or watch a really good movie.

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Hanna Christenson